Illustrious 6

A 37 foot GibSea with 3 independent double cabins; this is a great sailing boat that can accommodate 6 easily. It is a fully licensed sailing boat, fully equipped and ready for sailing the coastal regions of Portugal as well as the high seas. Paul is happy to help you with any of your sailing plans and if you wish to take an experienced skipper with you on any of these trips, just let him know.

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All about the Illustrious 6.

The following cruising / sailing trips are offered for the summer of 2018 with Paul:

Half Day Afternoon Sail from Vilamoura in a westerly direction to the beaches nearby.
Full Day Sail from Vilamoura in a westerly direction along the coast.
Two day sail, including overnight stay from Vilamoura to Portimao 

For information on any other destinations, or suggestions, send us an email.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Sailing on Illustrious 6 with Paul sets off from Vilamoura jetty E. After you’ve settled yourself down, had a short explanation of the facilities so you know where everything is and Paul has explained the safety procedures and other guidelines, you’ll help Paul cast off and slowly motor out of the marina. Once you leave the marina, the sails will be hoisted (and you can feel free to help if you wish). You can sit back, relax on deck, go down below and rest, and enjoy the peace and quiet of sailing. You might drop anchor for an hour or so, to have a swim and enjoy the views.

Included in the price:

  • Life vests (compulsory)
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Light refreshments (fruit, biscuits)
  • A cold beer or a glass of wine on return to the marina


Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

All trips on Illustrious 6 are taken at your own risk.

Not included in the price:

  • Sun cream (it is advised to wear a good sun block)
  • Alcohol (it is not advised to consume large quantities of alcohol on these trips)
  • Beach towels (please bring your own)
  1. Illustrious 6 Half Day Afternoon Cruise

    Set off from Jetty E at Vilamoura Marina at 2pm / return at 7pm
    Sail in a westerly direction along the Praia da Falesia.
    Drop anchor and jump into the warm waters of the Algarve; sunbathe on deck.
    Price per person: €75.00.
    Minimum 2 people / maximum 4.

  2. Illustrious 6 Full Day Cruise

    Set off from jetty E at Vilamoura Marina at 9am and return at 7pm
    Sail in a westerly direction and zig zag along the algarve coast
    Hoist the sails, take the helm and experience the freedom of being on a sailboat
    Packed lunch of sandwiches and fruit is included.
    Price per person: €125.00
    Minimum 2 people / maximum 4.

  3. Illustrious 6 Two day Cruise

    You will set off from jetty E at Vilamoura marina at 9am and return the following day round 5pm.
    Sail in a westerly direction to Portimao.
    Arrive in Portimao and drop anchor in the river / marina and sleep on Illustrious 6.
    Go by dinghy to shore for dinner in one of the local fish restaurants in the old fisherman’s area of Portimao.
    Wake up the next day to the sound of the water lapping on the hull, set off again in an easterly direction and return to Vilamoura.
    A packed lunch for both days is included; light refreshments; a light breakfast with coffee and tea and water, wine and beer.
    Price per person: €200.00.
    Minimum 2 people / maximum 4 people.

Sleep Overnight on Illustrious 6 in Vilamoura Marina

Experience that romantic feeling of sleeping overnight on a sailboat. The quiet lapping of the water on the hull lulling you to sleep. With three independent double cabins, a family with children, or up to three couples can spend one night or even your whole Algarve holiday on Illustrious 6. Cost per person per night: €35. Additional cleaning fee of €50. Minimum 2 people, maximum 6. Conditions:

You must leave Illustrious 6 in the conditions you found it (the galley must be cleaned). The heads are not to be used (policy in most marinas). Please use the WC in the marina facilities located near jetty B. Illustrious 6 is to remain in its berth. The engine is not to be started. All lights must be switched off at the end of your stay. A deposit of €500 will be required on your credit card which is refundable if there are no damages.

What's included in an overnight stay on Illustrious 6Bedding & towels, coffee, tea, water, bottle of wine.

Drinking water is provided for all passengers.

Best thing is to remain on deck, in the fresh air. Lie down, be quiet, and look at the horizon. If you’re very worried about seasickness, speak to your doctor about seasickness pills.

Yes. All passengers have to wear a lifevest and on request of the skipper a safety harness when required.

Yes, we have a ladder and platform at the stern of the boat for this. You can swim at your own risk, once the boat is fully anchored and secured. You may not jump off the boat or swim while under sail

Yes, children are welcome to come sailing on Illustrious 6. We also have lifevests and harnesses for children.

Yes, all passengers are welcome to go down below and lie down or use the heads if they wish.

We are always happy for passengers to get involved with sailing Illustrious 6 to experience the feeling of freedom under sail. As long as it’s  Ok with Paul the skipper, you can do this. Please note, children under 18 may not take the helm.

Yes, Paul will offer you the opportunity to help him hoist the sails and you can do this if you wish.

Yes, you can sunbathe where you wish, as long as you are harnessed.

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Type of rental   What's included   Number of people   What's not included   Price    
Half day with skipper
Water, insurance
Min 2 / max 4
Alcoholic beverages
Full day with skipper
Water, insurance, picnic lunch (sandwiches & fruit), beer,
Min 2 / max 4
Alcoholic beverages
2 days (1 overnight) with skipper
Water, 2 X picnic lunch (sandwiches & fruit), beer; continental breakfast
Min 2 / max 4
Alcoholic beverages