One Step Closer

Nina and Paul assist with other ancillary services too. Just ask us!

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OneStepCloser Property Management Services

Looking after your house while you are away Paul and Nina arrange to take care of your house while you are away. We will ensure your pets are looked after; your garden is maintained, your house is cleaned and any other services you may require. Amongst our property management services, we can also include any of the following: Organising for your car to be serviced or detailed while you are away Finding a suitable holiday hotel for your dog / cat while you are away or arranging for your pet to be fed and walked while staying at home Finding reliable, trustworthy home sitters for you Keeping your garden maintained by a professional Swiss landscape gardener Organising for those home improvements you have been planning All our services aim to take you OneStepCloser to your plans with the least inconvenience to yourself

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OneStepCloser Relocation Services

Are you looking to relocate to the Algarve? Do you need help with the authorities and knowing what’s what? Nina and Paul are ideally suited to help you. Nina is English mother tongue, but fluent in Portuguese, German and Swiss German. Paul is Swiss German mother tongue, but fluent in English. As a team, they are ideally suited to helping new comers to Portugal with all your questions and can accompany you to the local municipality, help you understand your bills, how the taxation works, get in touch with lawyers for you, help with accounts, basically help take you OneStepCloser to your new life relocating in Portugal.

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OneStepCloser Family Office

Would you like us to take care of your bills / accounts / taxes? Contact us for more information on how we can relieve you of this so that you can enjoy your new life / retirement in Portugal carefree.